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Blog archive for May 2009

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Albion’s first project for MySpace

Thursday 28th May 2009
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We’ve just completed our first project with MySpace developing a series of banners running internationally (ex USA). The banners promote 5 improved aspects of MySpace: finding new friends, sign up, social and groups, enhanced profiles, picture upload, privacy & security. They are designed to re-ignite current users’ profiles and to engage with new users too... read more

How to get more Twitter followers?

Monday 18th May 2009

A friend of mine, @hullrobbie just asked me a question, via Twitter: ‘My latest CorpID project is on Twitter. Menu changes every day, and we’re pushing content all the time. How do we get followers?” I sent him a series of 10 DM’s back, but in the interests of digestability and sharing, here they are.... read more

This morning’s Albion Society

Thursday 14th May 2009
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This morning’s Albion Society breakfast was a look into the future with Joe Staton from the Future Foundation leading the session  and highlighting some of the big trends affecting how we do business in the first ever broadband recession. Joe talked to us about the challenges for brands creating trust and loyalty and managing our... read more

Stories that could only have been told through digital

Monday 11th May 2009

This month’s creative breakfast theme was “Stories wot could only have been told through digital”. Everyone was able to interpret theme as they wished, submitting a link (art or commerce) for discussion. Here are the highlights. Apple’s one billionth app download is not a classic “story” but it’s certainly one that could only have happened... read more

Albion Society Breakfast

Friday 8th May 2009
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The Albion Society is fast upon us – next Thursday (14th May ) is our first breakfast event. What better way to start the day than by joining us for a cappuccino and a thought provoking discussion? Our guest on Thursday will be Joe Staton, a Director at Future Foundation and regular commentator on how... read more

MySpace on-site banners

Wednesday 6th May 2009
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Friends & F*ckers For some users, the organised mayhem that is MySpace can be a little daunting. We were tasked with creating banners for on-site inventory promoting the improved features on MySpace: finding new friends, sign up, social and groups, enhanced profiles, picture upload, privacy & security. The heroes of the banners are what we... read more