Albion takes on Hackney work week at Lauriston Primary school.

Posted on Friday 17th February 2012 | Tags :

Nick get it right, it’s not ad-vur-tis-muh-nt, it’s ad·ver·tize·ment!

Hackney Work Week is a programme that has been developed by the good people at Inspire for primary schools and aims to develop children’s awareness of the world of work and increase their understanding of a variety of occupations.


Strangely daunting going back to school, but it’s like no school I ever remember, great buildings, inspiring environment and great teachers – although Alice the programme coordinator had far too much of my old English teacher about her (a look that can kill at 10 yards – either that or I was quickly regressing). From our own merry band of scallywags was Glyn and Nick – we fitted straight in as one’s just like the teachers and the other’s still a kid (I’ll let you guess who’s who) – and of course yours truly. Our assignment, to do a branding workshop about logos and slogans in order to help the pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 (9-11yrs old) create one for their greetings card business and an invention project.


Like all good creatives there was a distinct air of disobedience, ruthlessly insisting that their creative integrity could not possibly be compromised or altered in any way – sounds like they’re ready to work here already. Joking aside it was a really worthwhile experience and not only did I feel the kids were engaged with what we do – Channel 5 and Epson adverts getting a round of applause no less – but Nick, Glyn and I all came away feeling we had learnt a little too. We work on Hackney’s doorstep and it should be our responsibility to give a little back to the area we live, work, and play in – if we don’t do it who will? Our plan is to get all 30 pupils into the agency in the next month or so and have more of our team helping to (volunteers please make yourselves known) tutor the next generation. It’s a really great day and it’s not every day Nick Darken gets corrected by a 9-year old girl – it was worth it to see that alone.