Innocent Kids brand

Posted on Thursday 7th April 2005 | Tags : , , , ,

The kids are alright

Innocent were one of our first clients way back when, and we’ve been working with them ever since.

In 2005 they told us they wanted to launch a version of their smoothies for children. The problem was that they didn’t have any children themselves, and didn’t understand how they minds worked, so could we help?

So we went to speak to some children at a school in Hackney. We showed them some Innocent smoothies for grown ups, and they weren’t really interested. The Innocent brand is based on healthiness and a nostalgic view of the world. But it turn out seven year old kids aren’t that interested in being healthy, and don’t have anything to look back on yet.

But they have got stuff to look forward to. They want to be grown-ups. So we decided to make fruit cool for them. We pitched the brand at slightly older children, and we ‘grubbied up’ Innocent’s image to appeal to their sense of mischief.

As Innocent didn’t have any money for media, we decided to use the packaging as the communication channel. We designed a range of packs with fun, anarchic, but educations games and activities based around a family of fruit characters. We also added loads of little details only kids would spot (like the ‘bullseye’ around the straw hole.)

We love it when kids send in pictures when they’ve made the stuff we suggest on the packs.



We also designed and built the Innocent Kids website.

It is a site made up of hundreds of mini-sites, which pop up randomly and don’t behave as you’d expect them to. Each mini-site features a different game or activity – our favourite is still the Poo Safari. Kids love it and stay for 40 minutes on average Adults hate it as it does their heads in!





And we designed a whole bunch of things for schools and parents to help them get kids excited about fruit and veg. The brief here was for a game that could be played on a fridge… over many days…. between parents and kids. We got there in the end – phew!