Jason mentoring at Seedcamp

Posted on Wednesday 24th September 2008 | Tags :

Seedcamp is an organisation founded by Albion non-exec Saul Klein (and with a visual identity by Albion) that aims to foster and nourish young entrepreneurs across Europe. It runs the annual Seedcamp Week – kind of a Investment Idol for startups – where young companies compete to win funding.

Seedcamp first ran in 2007, and the idea has really gained momentum since then, with loads of coverage. You can read all about the week on the Seedcamp blog.

Once again our very own Jason Goodman was a mentor, alongside people like Brent Hoberman of lastminute.com / MyDeco and Vartin Varsavsky of FON.

He says “it was a very enlightening experience. The enthusiasm of businesses starting up in a very tough economic climate, but also the openness and benevolence of the experienced entrepreneurs giving their time and advice freely to help other businesses start up. Maybe it’s been happening in Silicon Valley for years, but it feels like something genuinely new and exciting for Europe. Our own industry could learn a lot from this way of behaving…”

You can see Jason in action in this video (1’11″ in, if you want to skip straight to the hot action):

[flash http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1753989 w=450]

Seedcamp Day 3 Highlights from Seedcamp on Vimeo.