Lily’s Kitchen identity & packaging

Posted on Saturday 6th December 2008 | Tags : , , ,

Proper pet food

A nice lady called Henrietta came to see us and told us that she was making some proper dog food, and wanted us to help her develop the brand and packaging. The more we talked to her, the more we realized how quietly revolutionary her idea was.

Henrietta had discovered that even dog food that seems to have chunks is actually made from slurry, mechanically recovered from carcasses, extruded into long tubes, and finally chopped up. Ugh.

So she had a vision. To create nice dog food from proper ingredients. It took her two years to find kitchens who would produce food for her in small batches, and to perfect the recipes working with vets and nutritionists. Her recipes are made with real meat, organic grains, organic vegetables, and organic fruit and herbs. And no colourings, flavourings, sweeteners or artificial preservatives.

When we asked Henrietta what inspired to go on this journey, she told us it was her Border Terrier, Lily, who had turned her nose up at her dogfood. And that she knew that her recipes were right when Lily loved them.

So we told Henrietta it was only natural to name her brand after Lily. And we told her that her brand proposition should be simply ‘proper dog food’, because that was what she was passionate about. We commissioned Petra Borner @ Dutch Uncle to create some lovely illustrations which we used in our designs across all the cans and packets.

Our friend Mark Smith says that Lily’s Kitchen is his favourite Albion project, because it’s “category breaking”. We think it’s dogegory breaking. Arf.