Marketing Academy comes to Albion

Posted on Tuesday 22nd January 2013

Last week Albion hosted the Marketing Academy Scholars for their annual digital faculty day. A team of Albionites were joined by Emi Gal (Founder & CEO of Brainient), Raam Thakrar (Founder of Touchnote) and Liz le Breton (Global Marketing Manager for ASOS – Womenswear) to discover what entrepreneurial startups can teach big business marketers.

So what can they learn? A lot actually. What came out of discussions again and again was that to deliver out-of-the-box campaigns and cut-through ideas marketers needed to think like a nimble startup. Iterate. Test. Learn. Try. Don’t be afraid to fail. If you do, learn from that and try again. Iterate. Test. Succeed.

Raam Thakrar spoke to the group about the invaluableness of data. Modern successful startups know that success (often with a tight budget) can only be really guaranteed by collecting hard data on your messaging. Over at sister agency Albion Cell, that’s something we do day in day out. By lighting small fires and testing your ideas, you can be confident you are putting your money into an idea that works. After all, your boss is going to like to hear that you chose a campaign based on hard facts than a hunch.

In the afternoon we were joined by ex-Albionite and founder of Code Club Clare Sutcliffe. The Scholars were tasked with developing an idea to help Code Club improve how it fundraises by drawing on their entrepreneurial Growth Hacking skills, and came up with four fantastic ideas – watch Code Club closely to see which come to action!

If you want to nominate someone to be part of the Academy programme next year, you can do so on the Marketing Academy’s website.