Our Bauballs are out

Posted on Friday 7th December 2012

The Albion Bauballs are now available to buy. Get yours while they’re….hot.

Created by our very lovely Laura Muse, the campaign is raising money for Everyman, the male cancer charity, and puts a whole new spin on the idea of a “Christmas Balls-up”. Treat your Grandma to one today.

Hear what Laura has to say about her foray into e-commerce:

If I were to come to you now and say that I wanted to start an e-commerce business in 6 weeks, you’d think I was insane. Even looking back on it, I think I must’ve been.

I’ve forgotten how hot a glue gun can be more times than I care to remember. I’ve had to do more sums in these past few weeks than I ever wish to do in the whole of 2013. I’ve navigated a minefield of bollock-based puns trying to seriously pitch the idea to anyone who could get involved.

But we have gone from initial products sketches to sourcing materials, to prototypes, to website wireframes and designs, to launch – in just 6 weeks. And our hand-made range of 8 testicle shaped “Bauballs” are now selling like hot sacks.

Whether it was product ideas, branding, website designs, building, sourcing and even sticking black bobbles to polystyrene testicles, there’s the whole agency to thank for it. It has been a breakneck example of our entrepreneurial, collaborative culture here at Albion and we’re extremely proud that they’re doing so well.

Get yours before they drop at bauballs.co.uk