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Skype Magic

Monday 11th January 2010
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Skype and CNN sitting in a tree… Skype and CNN and formed an amazing deal. The sponsorship of a major new programme called Connect The World. You can watch a clip here. CNN wanted to use Skype live on the show to connect to people and news events around the globe. Albion was tasked with... read more

Skype Christmas banners

Wednesday 17th December 2008
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It was a blue, blue Christmas Skype is a really great way for families to stay in touch, even if they live a long way away from each other. Because it’s free, people talk more naturally without worrying about the cost. And video calls or conference calls mean they can express themselves better. We went... read more

Skype Nomad

Saturday 3rd May 2008
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A 33 Day Live Product Demo on the Web Skype asked us to help them raise awareness of their mobile solutions. But we knew that the early adopters who were the target audience also tend to be pretty sceptical about advertising. So we had to do more than tell people that Skype is now mobile... read more

Skype Educational Films

Tuesday 15th January 2008
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This little film is about Skype. When you have hundreds of thousands of people coming to your homepage every day, it’s a good opportunity to tell them something about yourself. These Flash animated educational films helped educate new people coming to Skype who still didn’t get it. Hello. [Flash f={image=}] Bonjour. [Flash f={image=}]... read more

Skype Stories

Wednesday 6th September 2006
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Skype changes lives… no really it does Back in 2006 we noticed that hundreds of people were writing to Skype, and sharing their stories of how it had changed their lives. Some were big dramatic stories, some were charming little stories about everyday life. We thought, what better way to promote Skype than to simply... read more