The Albion Olympics 2012

Posted on Monday 10th September 2012

East London played host to the world’s most anticipated and exciting sporting event this summer…  Albion Olympics 2012.  To coincide with all that fuss over in Stratford, we decided to see which Albion crew’s nations would excel in our own versions of the Games.

Ten countries battled it out in events such as Table Tennis (aka Beer Pong), Trampolining (aka Spacehopping) and Football (FIFA 2012).

Only the three most exemplary and talented teams qualified for the finals – (perhaps not truly reflecting what was happening over in Stratford!) Ireland, Nigeria and India. And they competed against each other in their specialist event – eating! In this case, their task was to scoff three Jacob’s Cream Crackers in the quickest time with no water allowed.

Nigeria stormed home for Gold (not even Bolt himself would have matched their speed), bagging themselves a day off! Team Ireland did themselves proud with Silver. And India…. well let’s just say, Eric the Eel would have swam home to Equatorial Guinea faster!