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Blog archive for March 2008

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The second meeting of The Albion Society gets social

Wednesday 26th March 2008
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We created The Albion Society as a place to debate in depth some of the more vexing issues that we come up against in our frantic day-to-day jobs. It’s 2008, so every meeting must use the phrase ‘social network’ at least once. And because we’re all fully Facebooked we don’t mind a bit of that... read more

Betfair brand campaign

Monday 10th March 2008
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Betting as it should be Betfair revolutionised betting in 2001 when Bert Black invented the betting exchange. This used the power of the internet to allow punters to match bets against each other, rather than betting against a bookie. It’s was like the eBay of betting. This had loads of benefits for expert bettors. They... read more

Media Snackers snacking on innocent

Tuesday 4th March 2008
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Thanks to Media Snackers for the kind words about our innocent kids website. We did the innocent kids website a couple of years back. It’s very chaotic, the characters interrupt each other, the more you look at the more content you find as each character tries to get you to engage with them. E.g.... read more

Announcing the Second Meeting of The Albion Society

Sunday 2nd March 2008
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You might recall we started The Albion Society a couple of months ago, as a place to debate the thorny issues we find ourselves wrestling with on a daily basis. The first meeting tackled human incited climate change. We’ve now announced the second meeting, to take place on the 25th March, where we’ll debate whether... read more